About us

I have been collecting Canadian Tire money since 1985. I joined the CTCC in November 1990. In April 1991, I met Ovide Bilodeau at the CTCC meeting in Oshawa, Ontario. Ironically, we were both members of the Laurentian Coin Collectors Association, but had never met until then. Ovide was the editor / publisher of the Bilodeau Guide to Canadian Tire Money since 1987. Ovide was very busy at the time. He owned 4 different stores with a little more than 200 kilometres between them and he spent a lot of time on the road. He published the second edition of the Guide and was looking for someone to help him with the third edition. Being in the publishing sector myself, I naturally joined Ovide and Ghislaine Memme and we published the third edition in 1992 after much research.

A collection of CTC coupons includes just over 800 coupons now. The gas station series includes around 100 coupons. That of store around 500. Then we have the series Lubritorium with 90 coupons and Montcalm with its 40 coupons. Add to that, mistakes, varieties, specialties and specimens and a collection can be endless.

I have been a charter member of the Canadian Tire Collector's Club (CTCC) since 1990, and also the editor of the CTCC Newsletter from 1994 to 2015. I received the Award of Merit for the best Editor and the best club Newsletter from the RCNA in 2009 and 2014. I received the “Order of Merit Sandy McTire" in 2007 for my contribution to the Club.

I have been dealing with postal auctions since 1997, where I sold thousands of CTC notes.

Over the years, I have put together a collection that I am only missing some very hard to find notes. Here are some of the doubles that I have accumulated over the years. I would be happy to trade for notes that I do not have for sale on my site.

My way of grading notes is strict and I do not believe in the division of grades to maximize profits. I use only the following grades: GOOD, VERY GOOD, FINE, VERY FINE, EXTRA FINE, ALMOST UNC and UNC. Check my grading standards are under the POLICY, check them out before buying a note.

You will notice that I use the Canadian Tire Numismatic Catalogue numbering system to classify my notes. Information on how to obtain the Canadian Tire Numismatic Catalogue can be found under the PRICE GUIDES tab on the catalog page. The Canadian Tire Numismatic Catalogue is the official CTCC reference.